After 53 hours of mahjong, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth player finally buys 30 million yen golden underpants

Having already managed to become a millionaire by the game’s second chapter, a Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth player has now completed their 53 hour-long mission to buy a pair of incredibly expensive golden underpants using just the cash they’ve made by playing mahjong.

When we last covered the exploits of the player in question, reddit user tigerwarrior02, they’d managed to turn ¥10,000 into ¥12 million simply by sticking around in Yokohama and spending 40 or so hours at Vista Mahjong. At that point, their dream of being able to buy a pair of very special underpants that cost a reasonable just under ¥30 million before even setting foot in Hawaii was just that, but it’s since become a reality.

“I f**king did it,” tigerwarrior02 declared in a follow-up post on the Yakuza subreddit, adding: “53 hours of only playing Mahjong. I finally have them.” Naturally, they included some nice screenshots of them buying the Great Fortune Gold Undies from Love Magic, parting ways with ¥29,292,929 in the process.

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