Alan Wake 2’s latest update will let you play the game’s best chapter as often as you like

A new Alan Wake 2 update is hearing, fixing several issues, and adding in a couple of new features.

Earlier this week, Remedy Entertainment released the latest update for Alan Wake 2, versions 1.15, the first of the year for the acclaimed survival horror game. For the most part the update has provided a range of fixes, some of which we’ll get to in a minute, but the biggest addition is the arrival of a chapter select feature. With this update, you can now “choose to play any mission in the game that you have previously unlocked.” This does come with a slight caveat, as it will load a “pre-made save game regardless of your own progression,” meaning items and inventory will be “pre-determined depending on the mission.” Don’t worry about your manual saves, though, as you do keep them.

As Remedy notes, this does mean you can “replay the We Sing mission over and over to potentially annoy your neighbours!” Wait, you’re telling me you weren’t all playing Herald of Darkness at full blast on repeat already anyway? Well, now you don’t have any excuse not to.

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