Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy preview – Mostly more of the same, but in the best possible way

Previewing the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is an odd task. How exactly does one preview a whole trilogy, let alone a re-release of one whose first game came out 16 years ago? Especially given the position I’m in here, as an Ace Attorney fan who’s been anticipating these remasters since before they were even announced, but nevertheless only got into the series through the last couple of similar compilations: 2019’s re-release of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and the long-awaited 2021 worldwide release of the previously-Japan-only prequels The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

Now, obviously those previous remasters worked perfectly from a marketing perspective, because in five years I — and many others like me — have gone from someone with only the vaguest idea as to what Ace Attorney is to a die-hard fan. But, thinking I might never actually get to play the rest of the series, I haven’t been too diligent about avoiding spoilers, including for the three games that are now coming to modern systems in this trilogy. So even though I’ve never played Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, or Spirit of Justice before, I’m not exactly going in fresh either.

One of the things I like most about the world of Ace Attorney is that it’s not static. Phoenix Wright et al are an anime-esque bunch who could easily be allowed to exist on comic book time, never ageing between instalments and with an easy status quo permanently maintained when it comes to their personal lives. You could, after all, keep writing goofy little murder mysteries for the gang to solve pretty much indefinitely without ever changing anything about them as people.

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