Armored Core 6 is getting ranked online matches in its next update, so get ready to be utterly decimated

Good news, sweaty mech pilots, Armored Core 6 is getting ranked online matches as part of a fresh update tomorrow, so you can spend Christmas absolutely merking some poor fools.

Yup, FromSoft is dropping patch 1.05 for the game on December 19 and it features ranked online play with a leaderboard of some kind, which you’ll be able to climb up, assuming your tank build is still as effective as you remember. That said, if you’re in the mood to try a different configuration, you’re also in luck.

While we’re yet to get the full notes for the patch, we do know what its main highlight will be, with the new ranked online bits being accompanied by some “new AC parts” and “new PVP maps”. So at least you’ll have something to do while you put off diving into a battle and getting humiliated by someone who’s spent ages mastering their Spongebob-liveried mech.

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