Baldur’s Gate 3’s pesky Xbox save issues are sadly still a thing, but here’s another handy workaround

Unfortunately, the issues that’ve been causing Baldur’s Gate 3 players on Xbox to lose their saves are still a thing as of writing, but Larian has provided another handy workaround for those keen to plough on without having their progress disappear.

Since Xbox BG3’s Game Awards shadow drop, these issues have unsurprisingly put a bit of a dampener on fans’ ability to enjoy it on the new platform. After all, you can’t exactly rush all the way through the colossal game in one sitting in order to minimise the chance of having your progress zapped.

While Xbox and Larian have already confirmed that a proper solution to the firmware-based bug is in the works and provided some steps to help players minimise their risk, the latter has recently taken to Twitter to suggest that you make use of its cross-save system as a temporary workaround.

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