Beware of pesky Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League spoilers, Rocksteady tells fans

Following a barrage of leaks, Rocksteady has urged fans to make sure they try and avoid seeing or sharing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League spoilers.

There’ve been a number of apparent details about the game posted online in recent weeks and, unlike the info about the game Rocksteady has been sharing in an official capacity, they might impact your enjoyment of the game once it arrives. So, the developer has warned those who want to go into the game with no idea what they’re in for to be careful where they put their eyes.

“We’re looking forward to players experiencing the story we’ve crafted in Squad: Kill the Justice League once the game launches in the new year, Rocksteady said in a statement posted to Twitter, “We hope everyone can play the game and feel each moment of the narrative for themselves.”

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