Capcom was allegedly thinking about more Dino Crisis prior to ExoPrimal’s launch

According to games media vetern Jeff Grubb, Capcom has been considering reviving the long-dormant Dino Crisis IP in recent years. This may be pleasant to hear for any OG survival horror fans out there, but there’s a catch. This particular rumour only fell on Grubb’s ears prior to the release of ExoPrimal.

As such, Grubb expressed on the Good Mess Mornings show some doubt as to whether or not ExoPrimal itself was the source of these rumours, being a fresh dinosaur-focused game that many hoped had some manner of Dino Crisis tie-in back when it was revealed in a Sony State of Play back in 2022.

This rumour was revealed by Grubb following the release of a Capcom consumer survey, in which it asked members of the public which older Capcom IPs they’d like to see revived. Featured games included many fan-favourites and cult classics, including Dino Crisis, Dead Rising, God Hand, and the Vs Capcom series.

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