Casey Edwards – composer on DMC5’s banger soundtrack – is working on 2XKO’s soundtrack

It’s a massive news day for 2XKO! Not only have we finally found out the fighting game’s proper name, the team working on the game’s soundtrack has also been revealed. One name in particular from the list may catch your eye…

One Casey Edwards, known for his work on the soundtrack for Devil May Cry 5, is part of the 2XKO OST team. The musician behind such songs as Bury the Light, Devil Trigger and more, his presence on the team was announced on Twitter by audio lead for 2XKO Eugene Kang.

While Edwards being involved is rad news, he’s obviously not working alone. Alongside him are a collection of Riot Games composers including Mike Pitman, Richard Thompson, Joe Ford, Jesse Zuretti, Tre Watson, John Scherer, and Tauseef Anam. From the music we’ve heard in the name announcement trailer, and tracks we heard back in the Evo 2023 demo, it’s something to look forward to.

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