Cyberpunk 2077 patch 2.11 fixes misbehaving melee finishers and careless cops

A fresh patch for Cyberpunk 2077 has arrived and among its pretty hefty list of tweaks is a fix aimed at finally forcing the game’s misbehaving melee finisher animations to actually trigger when they’re supposed to.

While work may have already kicked into gear on the game’s sequel now that 2024’s here, CD Projekt is still providing patches for it that include some minor additions, which is cool since the game isn’t getting any more big updates in the foreseeable future. While it’s mostly made up of important adjustments designed to address bugs, this latest patch also includes a nice treat for car collectors.

As outlined in the full notes for patch 2.11, it’s headlined by a fix that should mean any melee finishers you attempt “will now work properly”. This is an issue some players had reported running into late last year, with the animations for the killer finishing blows you can usually deliver to enemies using the likes of katanas and your trusty mantis blades simply not triggering when they should.

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