DanMachi Battle Chronicle celebrates half-anniversary with limited-edition UR Hestia, up to 60 consecutive summons and more

Aiming Inc. is celebrating the half-anniversary of “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle” (DanChro), letting players score up to 60 consecutive draws from the summons pool along with five major campaigns. The Half-Year Anniversary Commemorative will also include plenty of login bonuses you can score simply by checking in during the event period.

In particular, you can score a limited-edition UR Hestia, plenty of Selas, and Exchange Tickets for Scene Cards. You can also look forward to the Gacha Rerelease, where you can nab limited-time characters that were offered even way back from October 31st last year. As for UR Bundle of Cheer: Hestia, you can add her to your roster and Awaken her to the max by clearing all the Exclusive Missions on offer. … [MORE]