DanMachi Battle Chronicle takes players on a new adventure in the Following the Sword Princess’ Footsteps event

Aiming Inc. has released a new update for the battle action RPG “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle” (DanChro), which lets players participate in the Following the Sword Princess’ Footsteps. It sees Bell and Lefiya witness Ais embark on an attacking adventure. As players enter uncharted territory, cooperation will be key to survival.

The event is already live in DanChro and players will be granted 3,000 Selas, equivalent to 10 consecutive Gacha pulls just for logging into the game. It revolves around Ais Wallenstein, the Sword Princess. She is a first-class adventurer who reminds everyone of a goddess in labyrinth city, Orario. … [MORE]