Deadpool & Wolverine recruits the merc with a mouth to save an already dead universe

The first trailer for Deadpool 3, or Deadpool & Wolverine as it’s now officially known, is here thanks to the Super Bowl.

It’s been about six years since we last saw Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, as the merc with a mouth last appeared in Deadpool 2, back when he wasn’t part of the MCU. Now, as shown at last night’s Super Bowl, the first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is here, and we can roughly see how Deadpool has been roped into Disney’s connected universe, pegging jokes and all. To start, it seems like Wade has a regular, happy life with all of his friends (that are still alive) from the first couple of films, before he’s recruited by the Time Variance Authority to… I’m not sure, actually, to save the Marvel universe? For some reason?

It’s not entirely clear just yet but I’m sure either later trailers or at the very least the film itself will. The film appears to be doing a bit of a meta thing here, considering the critical and commercial flops the MCU had in Ant Man 3 and The Marvels last year, with Wade going so far as to call himself Marvel Jesus. You’ll also probably remember the TVA from its Loki debut, so it really seems like it will be the key piece to bring various multiverses together.

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