Demon Slayer season 4 trailer doesn’t give us much, but we do have a release window

The first trailer for Demon Slayer season four is here, mostly just consisting of bits we’ve already seen, but it has confirmed when we can expect to see the next season.

Demon Slayer season three wrapped up earlier this year, covering the Swordsmith Village Arc, paving the way for the next storyline, the Hashira Training Arc. As revealed over the weekend this next season will air sometime in spring 2024, though a specific release date wasn’t provided just yet. The trailer showed some very small snippets of the next arc, but the big thing it announced was a worldwide tour for a new film called Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training. Now, this won’t be like 2020’s Demon Slayer movie which covered the Mugen Train arc. Instead, it’ll be like this year’s To the Swordsmith Village film which was mostly just footage from season two, with a bit of season three tacked on to the end.

To the Hashira Training will work similarly, showing the 11th and final episode of season three, which aired as an hour long special, finishing with the first episode of the Hashira Training Arc. The tour kicks off on February 2 in Tokyo, where it will move to cities like New York, Seoul, Mexico City, Paris, Taipei, and London, though apart from Tokyo it’ll only visit each city once so you’ll want to keep your eyes out for tickets. It’ll also be your only chance to check out the first episode of season four before it airs in spring.

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