Despite the rumours, it’s looking like Elden Ring’s DLC won’t be out soon after all

Despite several signs pointing towards an imminent Elden Ring DLC drop, it looks like we’ll probably need to wait a bit longer to hear any concrete news.

Kadokawa, the parent company of Elden Ring developer FromSoftware, released its latest financial report earlier this week, going into the usual bits about how the company is doing, what it expects for the future, and other stuff you probably don’t care about. The thing you will care about is that in an FAQ section, the topic of Elden Ring DLC was raised, asking what the development status of Shadow of the Erdtree is, and when it might be released. “We are currently working hard on the development of DLC for Elden Ring,” reads the response, continuing, “but we have not announced a release date at this time.”

The report also noted earlier that “various measures are currently in progress for Elden, including the development of major DLC, to maximise [lifetime value].” Essentially, we probably shouldn’t expect a two year anniversary DLC drop or something close to that. Back in December, there was a listing for a custom Elden Ring themed controller made in collaboration with Thurstmaster that appeared to leak a February release date for Shadow of the Erdtree.

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