Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat welcomes Count Thunder-Vergil’s electrifying moves to the fray in latest update

Nebulajoy has announced an exciting new update for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, letting players nab “Count Thunder-Vergil” for a limited time within the action-packed RPG. This will be the second limited character for Vergil, so fans of the wayward twin will get to enjoy his electric damage and flexible battle style.

In the latest update for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, you can look forward to taking advantage of Count Thunder-Vergil’s “Rapid Slash” and “Judgment Dance” to take down your foes with ease. Nebulajoy recommends pairing Count Thunder-Vergil with Nomadic Lightning and One-Man Show for Vergil so that you can truly unleash hell on unwitting demons plaguing the land. … [MORE]