Does Zack Snyder even want you to watch the PG-13 cut of Rebel Moon hitting Netflix tomorrow?

Rebel Moon: Part One is about to finally hit Netflix, but Zack Snyder is already saying his longer, R-rated cut is much better.

This isn’t the first time the divisive filmmaker has teased his director’s cut is way deeper and more engrossing, but doubling down on basically saying “what’s about to drop isn’t the movie I set out to make” is a weird strategy to adopt this early. As he said in his interview with AP, most of his past movies received a meatier cut after their respective theatrical runs, and it’s quite apparent the director always tries to go as big and dark as possible, but this time around, he knew from the get-go he could shoot a longer and more mature cut that he’d have to save for later.

He even goes as far as saying the cut that’s coming next year is a “completely different movie” from a “different universe.” If we’re looking at another ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League scenario’ here, the movie could go from very rotten to widely liked. Right now, Rebel Moon: Part One has only received a thumbs-up from 25% of the Rotten Tomatoes-approved critics.

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