Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is celebrating Christmas with a host of in-game events and giveaways

Coregames is celebrating all the festive fun of the holiday season with a Christmas update within Dusk of Dragons: Survivors. In the latest holiday-themed patch for the survival sandbox game, you can look forward to plenty of presents, snowmen, and Christmas giveaways fused into the enchanting world of dragons and magic.

In particular, Dusk of Dragons: Survivors is launching various in-game events for a limited time, which include the Santa’s Gift-Giving event, the Lucky Connections event, and the Message in a Bottle event. You can also build a snowman, or take part in the Gold and Silver Fruit Tree event to end the year with a bang. Additionally, you can snazz up your gear by dressing up in Christmas outfits to keep the holiday spirit alive. … [MORE]