EA addresses dodgy FC 24 SBC that gave out far too many TOTY Messis, but players aren’t happy with the maths

After a dodgy SBC accidentally gave out far more Team of the Year Lionel Messi to EA Sports FC 24 players than it should have, EA has announced what it’s doing about the mishap. Unfortunately, the game’s community isn’t convinced that the publisher’s maths properly reflects how many cards were mistakenly dished out.

With Team of the Year cards having been filtering into Ultimate Team for the last little bit, following the reveal of the final men’s and women’s squads, plenty of people have been jumping back into the mode to snag some of them. A lot of them probably didn’t count on being given TOTY Messi by an SBC with a design fault that meant it dished out the Argentine forward way too often, but that’s exactly what’s happened.

EA has now issued an update addressing what happened with the TOTY 86+ Leagues SBC that went live on January 30, and, for 24 minutes prior to its removal when EA realised what was happening, made Messi mania descend on the players that completed it.

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