Early Mickey Mouse is now public domain, instantly becomes a horror game slasher

Now that the calendar has flipped over to 2024, the earliest version of Mickey Mouse has become public domain. Naturally, this has led it to be incorporated into an indie horror game faster than you can say the phrase ‘predictable jumpscare’.

Yep, poor Steamboat Willie, whom you might remember from a certain 1928 animated short film named after him, has been cast from Walt Disney’s loving arms into those of the masses. As happened with Winnie the Pooh last year, the scare-seeking contingents of society couldn’t wait to turn young Mickey into something that’ll no doubt fill the underpants of streamers worldwide on a regular basis once it releases.

Meet Infestation 88, a “co-op horror [game] in which you’re an exterminator treating sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends.” Here’s its first trailer, released yesterday to accompany the title’s announcement by developer Nightmare Forge Games.

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