Everyone is sleeping rough in World Of Warcraft, and there’s a very good reason for it

If you’ve logged onto World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery servers in the past few days, you may have seen a rising number of players sleeping rough in capital city streets, or around the entrances to various dungeons. Indeed it seems that sleeping bags are taking the community by storm right now, as World of Warcraft faces its first ever homelessness problem.

But what’s the deal? Are these now jobless GDKPers, or people who have deathrolled maybe a little too much? No it turns out that the sleeping bag epidemic is a byproduct of a sickness that has been plaguing WoW players for years. The uncontrolable desire to squeeze as much XP out of their playtime as possible.

The trick to earning this extra XP comes from the sleeping bag itself! A new addition as part of phase 2 of Season of Discovery, this unique item allows a player who completes a short questchain to place down their very own sleeping bag that they and their party can crash in. Sleeping in it for a minute provides a 1% XP buff, which can stack up to three times. That means if you and four of your homies cuddle up for three minutes, you can bag a whopping 3% XP bonus. That may not sound like a lot, but it lasts for two hours. So if you’re planning on grinding out dungeons, it really does add up.

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