Everything you need to know about House Flipper 2 on its hotly-anticipated launch day

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It’s been about five years since the world at large fell in love with House Flipper. It was 2018, and everything seemed much simpler, back then. Even the development team at Empyrean didn’t expect the original game to find such a dedicated, loyal following as it was giving everything a lick of paint and sanding down the coving in the days leading up to launch.

But House Flipper – a small indie project about renovating houses and flipping them for a little wedge of cash – caught on. Media interest whipped up around the game near launch, and a huge community was soon magnetised to the busywork of making humble abodes into luxury pads for the rich and famous. Console ports in 2020 followed the meteoric success of the 2018 Steam release, and for two years, House Flippers across the globe have been content with beavering away on their projects on PC or console.

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