Exploring the “What-ifs” of live service games going offline

At some point, we all learn that all good things must come to an end, and mobile games are no exception. Every year, we see titles come and go. Some had a good run spanning a few years, while some crumbled to ashes within a few months. Having bid farewell to some legendary titles such as Dragalia Lost – a vibrant game that lets you become a dragon. I still vividly remember the chorus of mourning from players worldwide the day Dragalia closed shop. On my fingers, I can also count the premature termination of promising stars such as Eternal City. Personally, the most woeful goodbye I had was for Metal Slug Attack earlier this year in January 2023. After all, it’s the one that launched me into an unexpected career in freelance game journalism.

Unlike offline single-player RPGs on console where your hard work will be saved in a file, once a live service game spelt its doom, they’re gone for good, probably shelved in the attic inside some dusty warehouse never to see the daylight again. This fact alone does not sit well with players like me as that means hours of grind, monetary investment and years of academy training are wasted. If you have a favourite character you fell head over heels for, kiss them goodbye as the only way of preserving them is a galleria choked full of your darling child’s JPEGs to keep you company. But now, things took a turn for the better. … [MORE]