For its eighth anniversary, Capcom admits it messed up Street Fighter 5’s launch

Street Fighter 5 was infamously poorly received by fans at launch, and to commemorate its eighth anniversary, Capcom has admitted to its mistakes.

It’s easy to forget that with how good Street Fighter 6 is, once upon a time Capcom wasn’t in the fighting game community’s good books because of Street Fighter 5. The at the time highly anticipated sequel was a bit of a let down for many fans of the series, in particular because of technical issues and a general lack of content. It eventually turned things around more-or-less, but it certainly put a sour note for many fans. The game hit its eighth anniversary over the weekend, and to mark that occasion, the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account didn’t do a simple “happy birthday” kind of message, but actually fully acknowledged the mistakes that were made.

“Street Fighter celebrates its 8th anniversary. The initial phases of release betrayed players’ expectations in many ways, including network issues and a lack of content,” reads the tweet, as translated by Automaton. “This is something we are truly sorry for. After much reflection, the Street Fighter 5 development team worked hard to tackle all issues, and the final game had 45 playable characters, as well as the addition of the Battle System, V-Skill, V-Trigger II and V-Shift.

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