For the first time, Call of Duty devs finally address skill-based matchmaking, but it probably won’t change any minds

If there’s a single characteristic you could assign to the current era of Call of Duty, which does not change from game to game, it would be its matchmaking system. This has often been a black box; a topic Activision was never willing to address publically with the wider community, or at more private media events.

Over the years, this has created a sort of bro-science aspect to matchmaking, whereby content creators all poured their collective knowledge into not only figuring out how it works, but effectively exploit it to their advantage.

This is also why they never shut up about skill-based matchmaking (SBMM). It doesn’t matter the Call of Duty, if it came out in 2019 onwards, you’ll find countless videos/Reddit posts about why SBMM is ‘worse than ever this year’, or why it’s ‘ruining modern gaming’ and so on.

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