Game Pass scores touchdown with Madden 24, plus Resident Evil 3 Remake, Bloodstained, and more in February

A new batch of games is coming to Game Pass this month, and it’s filled with a rather diverse lineup of genres such as survival, puzzling, sports, fantasy, and channeling your inner motorman.

Releasing today is Anuchard for cloud, console, and PC. In this action-adventure RPG, the wondrous land of Anuchard, floating above the earth amongst the wispy clouds, has crash-landed. Generations pass, and local lore states that a Chosen One will one day come and restore Anuchard to its former skyward glory. This is you, the Bellwielder, whom it was foretold will take up the Audros Bell, and enter the Dungeon, to wake the Guardians from their slumber, and bring paradise back.

Coming to Game Pas tomorrow, February 7, is Train Sim World 4 for cloud, console, and PC. In it, you will learn to drive realistic trains on detailed routes, put your skills to the test across engaging scenarios and varied timetables, choose your journey with Free Roam, use the Livery Designer, Scenario Planner, and the new Photo Mode across three detailed routes in the UK, Austria, and USA.

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