Gioteck launches Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller for mobile, PC, and smart TV systems

In case you missed it, Gioteck has released the Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller, letting players dive into multi-platform gaming across mobile, PC, and smart TV systems. With TV-based gaming services and cloud gaming on the rise, this new peripheral serves as the only controller you need to worry about regardless of your device.

The Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller features Dual Band Wireless technology that lets you use Bluetooth® or 2.4GHz via a USB adapter. This offers a low-latency wireless connection to make sure you can enjoy seamless gaming sessions without the pesky lag. Setting up should be painless as well, given that the controller boasts a convenient automatic re-pairing feature that syncs with your TV gaming service without the need to set up every time you play. … [MORE]