God of War Ragnarok Valhalla’s credits don’t mark the end of the series’ story, writer teases

Even though a lot of people are still battling their way through God of War Ragnarok’s recently released Valhalla DLC, one of the game’s writers is already teasing that there’s more to come from the series’ story after its credits roll.

Yes, it looks like your favourite beefy mythological warrior and/or his mates will have more emotional cutscenes and axe-swinging battles to take on in the future, though the nature of what Sony Santa Monica might have planned remains shrouded in mystery. Because if you’re going to say a thing on Twitter, why would you be anything but maddeningly vague?

That exactly what SSM Senior Writer Orion Walker has done (thanks, GamesRadar), musing: “You really think the *credits* are the end of the story? C’mon. C’mon now.” It’s a pretty nice tease, and has sent the game’s community into a spoiler-heavy frenzy of speculation.

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