Good news Tarnished, it only took an Elden Ring expert 1000 tries to pull off a totally randomised no-hit run

If, like me, you’re objectively not very good at Elden Ring, you’ll no doubt be glad to know that someone’s now managed to beat a totally randomised version of it without taking a single hit. Yes, in case you’re wondering, it took them lots of tries.

It seems like we’re all very much on high alert for any morsels of info on the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, even if FromSoftware continues to just casually say something the lines of ‘yes, that will exist at some point before the end of time’ whenever it’s asked about the DLC. But hey, at least those who’re still playing the base game are still finding ludicrous ways to keep themselves busy.

One of these fine folks is streamer LilAggy (thanks, GamesRadar), who’s finally managed to beat a version of the game that’s been totally scrambled item and enemy-wise by mods in order to make it extra challenging. Oh, and in case that wasn’t difficult enough, another caveat of the run was not being allowed to take any hits from enemies.

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