Good news, the latest Starfield update to enter Steam beta stops DLSS from making your clouds vibrate

Another update for Starfield has arrived in Steam beta ahead of a full release, and while this one’s not as huge as some of its predecessors, there are a few fixes in there that you should know about, especially if you’re using Nvidia DLSS and don’t want the clouds hovering above planets to look like they’re vibrating.

While we’re still waiting for the game’s Creation Kit to arrive so that modders can really take their additions to the next level and start pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Bethesda’s been busy dealing with a litany of issues that’ve been affecting the Settled Systems. The latest batch of these includes a couple of key graphical and technical tweaks.

As detailed in the patch notes for update 1.9.67, one of its PC-specific fixes is aimed at “an issue that could make the clouds appear to vibrate when using [Nvidia] DLSS performance mode”. It’s kind of sad to have it confirmed that this is a bug, rather than, I don’t know, an intended symptom of your character messing with The Unity too much and causing the universe to start to break.

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