Got plans for June 20? Elden Ring players are planning a “Kill Mohg Day” ritual to celebrate its DLC’s arrival

Yesterday we found out that Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be arriving on June 21 this year, and some players are already putting together plans for the day before it drops that’ll commemorate the occasion with an almighty community-wide bout of boss-killing.

In case you missed it, the release date reveal was just one aspect of Shadow of the Erdtree, with everything else shown off having already begun to spawn a litany of theories that’re only going to get more in-depth as loreheads get time to do more analysis. Meanwhile, some of those who don’t fancy trying to read into what Marika’s curtains might suggest have gotten busy trying to organise a community event to help everyone get hyped up for DLC drop day.

“In light of the coming DLC, I propose we celebrate with a ritual,” user IronFalcon1997 has written in a post that’s gaining plenty of traction on the Elden Ring subreddit. “[June 20] is ‘Kill Mohg Day!’. Let’s all log in on the day before the DLC to kill Mohg and pave the way for the next journey.”

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