GTFO devs on ending their live service game: “It was a game we had to make”

Sweden-based developer 10 Chambers has only recently released a trailer for Den of Wolves, its long-awaited attempt to break into the heist genre of shooter. But as one journey starts, another comes to an end. GTFO, with its dramatically different tone from the robbery roots and future of the studio, is receiving its final update.

A farewell update aiming to wrap up loose ends, GTFO’s [insert update name] will be re-adding content that has been previously phased out in typical live service fashion. There will of course be a reality-bending narrative conclusion, and a selection of challenging closing missions for fans to throw themselves at. According to 10 Chambers co-founder and GTFO narrative designer Simon Viklund, it’s a game they had to make.

“It couldn’t have turned out any other way” Viklund recounts. “Even though I know there were hundreds of darlings we had to kill while making this game, as we were such a small team with limited budget and time. Now that we’ve come to peace with the fact that this is the last update, especially narratively, it feels great. Great for it to live on Steam now and be what I believe is a fantastic product considering the circumstances.”

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