Helldivers 2 is getting a long-term fix to its online woes soon, but a quick patch has settled things for now

Arrowhead Game Studios released a quick patch to help with Helldiver 2’s matchmaking issues yesterday, and has now said it’s working on a long-term fix.

Helldivers 2 launched earlier this week, and while it’s done so well as to overtake God of War as PlayStation’s biggest PC launch, it’s not come without some teething issues. Players were struggling with matchmaking in the few days since it launched, with some also criticising the game’s PC optimisation, as well as its kernel-level anti-cheat software. Those last couple of issues are a bit harder to resolve, but over in the game’s Discord, game director Mikael Eriksson has confirmed that the quick-fix patch for both PC and PS5 is now available in game, so you should be able to play it without as many problems now.

“The most important thing to highlight is that we’ve made additional improvements to matchmaking,” explained Eriksson. “A full matchmaking solution is in the works but will take a few more days to test and deploy. Thanks for your patience as we work through the last details.” There did seem to be further issues last night, but a message from chief operating office Maria Cornelius shared that “a rapid fix was prepared.

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