How to unlock every secret in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is technically an arcade game: It has simple inputs, and a simple objective, the difficulty ramps up fairly fast, and the main goal is to see how far you can make it. However, consistent playing reveals the game has much more to offer than meets the eye. I know I was surprised when I somehow ended up in glitch limbo looking for a way out of the madness. Turns out this means you’ve stumbled onto something interesting, a secret that was definitely hidden in an obscure way but that you can find with some curiosity, perseverance, or dumb luck.

You can unlock most of what the game has to offer simply by playing. Surviving for a long time, upgrading certain weapons, killing certain enemies, collecting special items, and the like, will open up other elements of the game. In terms of unlocking the secrets, the methods can be a bit roundabout, like how some Pokemon only evolve at certain times of day when you’re standing in a specific spot. Despite the headache you may get trying to figure them out, these secrets can net some interesting characters, items, and even game mechanics to expand your gameplay. In order to help, we have gathered all the secrets and requirements to unlock them into this article for your convenience. … [MORE]