Hunter x Hunter is finally getting a fighting game, and it’s coming from the devs behind Marvel vs Capcom 3

Hunter x Hunter fans rejoice, a fighting game based on the beloved shonen series is in the works.

With its broad range of characters and their various abilities, you would think that a series like Hunter x Hunter would be ripe with fighting games. Unfortunately, that’s not been the case so far, but over the weekend at Jump Festa, developer Eighting and publisher Bushiroad Games announced together that they are making a Hunter x Hunter fighting game. Unfortunately again, that’s pretty much it in terms of details, but more details are apparently being shared during Bushiroad’s New Year’s broadcast next year, January 6 (no, I’m not happy about another year being almost over either).

If you think that the name Eighting is ringing some bells, that’s probably because it’s worked on some games you’ve quite likely heard of; in terms of fighting games, the biggest one is easily Marvel vs Capcom 3, as well as its follow-up Ultimate, but it’s also worked on games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Bloody Roar. On top of that, Eighting also helped out on Arc System Work’s DNF Duel, and while it might not be a fighting game, Nintendo’s Pikmin 4. So hopefully it’s the right studio for the job.

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