If you want to go in spoiler-free beware, the latest Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer is rich with narrative bombshells

If you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy 7 fan, chances are you’ve already seen the fantastic new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer that was released late last night. However – if you have managed to miss it – you may want to stay away. This trailer, while interesting, is rich with spoilers and key moments that may be better appreciated on your initial playthrough.

With FF7 Rebirth launching on February 29, this trailer acts as one final injection of hype for the fanbase to go alongside the gleaming previews. It clearly pays homage back to the original and presents scenes that are tailor-made to get fans of the RPG classic excited. However, as this new trilogy has substantial narrative differences, it also shows off some huge new moments too.

We’ll touch on some of those spoilers here, so if you really want to stay away from that sort of thing, now’s a good time peace out!

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