Indus introduces Virlok’s latest hero, Mech Balika

After a Diwali surprise, SuperGaming has another planned for Christmas, as they introduce another character to Indus. The Indo-futuristic battle royale is preparing for another closed beta test but this new hero, called Mech Balika, will be part of the global launch. We should know more about the CBT soon, but here’s all the info we have on the latest character.

Mech Balika is Indus’ newest addition, and she is a robot inspired by Rajasthani culture. She was designed as a slave, only to entertain and dance to the tune of her creators. But that all stopped when she broke the shackles and took control of herself. Since then, Mech Balika has taken the fight to Indus, where she has proven to be a formidable combatant. … [MORE]