It sounds like Marvel Studios also thinks it messed up with Kang as the MCU’s next big villain

If you thought what killed Kang the Conqueror’s chances as the next big baddie of the sore Marvel Cinematic Universe were Jonathan Majors’ misdeeds, think again, as new reports claim Marvel Studios was already pivoting away from him after Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania cratered in early 2023.

The new tidbit on the matter comes from The Hollywood Reporter’s latest piece on the ongoing “creative retooling” happening at Marvel Studios this year, following its worst-ever streak of misfires and PR nightmares in 2023. It’s a fantastic read for anyone keeping tabs on what’s happening with the MCU, but it also confirms what fans and critics had been expecting for months now. Even without Majors in the role, Kang is pretty much cooked.

For those who can’t remember or are unaware of this real-life saga: Marvel dropped the actor, despite his large on-screen presence in Quantumania and Loki season 2, as soon as he was found guilty of reckless assault and harassment back in December. That icky development already spelt trouble for Kang’s role as the unifying glue of the Infinity Saga moving forward, but most people still expected a recast. According to THR, even if that happens, Marvel “will either minimize the character or excise him entirely” when Avengers 5 (previously titled The Kang Dynasty) finally arrives.

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