It sure does look like Dragon’s Dogma 2 is getting a demo

Feel like you can’t wait any longer to play Dragon’s Dogma 2? Well, you might not have to, as it seems like a demo might be on the way.

After a lengthy wait for the long sought after sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally out in about a month. The problem is, when you get this close to a game’s release you often find yourself thinking “ok, but can I just play it now?” Dragon’s Dogma 2’s release date isn’t getting moved up, unfortunately, however! As spotted by some fans on the game’s subreddit, an update added to the game’s backend on Steam appears to suggest that a demo might soon be on the way. Dragon Dogma 2’s changelist, as seen on SteamDB, shows a new “unknown app” that upon further inspection shows its billing type is described as “free on demand.”

To be clear, Dragon Dogma 2’s billing type itself is described as “store or CD key,” so a new app that is supposedly free does potentially imply a demo – or at the very least, some kind of downloadable free app. It wouldn’t exactly be very surprising if the game does have a demo. Plenty of Capcom’s games have demos these days, including last year’s Resident Evil 4, and on top of that the original Dragon’s Dogma also had a demo so you could try out the classic RPG.

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