“It was absolutely necessary this time” Why Tekken 8 has so much on-disc content at launch

Tekken 8 might be one of the most confident games I’ve seen in years. Aside from the fact that it is a belter of a fighting game, the developers and marketing types at Bandai Namco seem to know that they’ve got something special on their hands. Just look at what we’ve seen from Tekken 8 so far; a wealth of trailers, some incredible roster announcement, two different online playtests ahead of launch, and – now – a massive single-player focused demo that lets you try a significant amount of the game ahead of launch.

Think back to the skinnier launch packet of Tekken 7, or the lean offering Street Fighter 5 had at launch – and it seems like a lifetime ago. It seems like fighting games, more than any other genre right now, are making amends for the past.

“The series, throughout its history, has always been known for its ‘in-the-box content’,” says Kohei Ikeda, director of Tekken 8. “So I think people are mostly referring to Tekken 7 when they complain about [what was there at launch]. So, at the start of Tekken 8, we really focused on what fans thought made Tekken, well, Tekken, right?

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