It’s a Small RomanTick World is a new time-traveling otome game that’s out now on iOS and Android

Mirai Roman LLC has announced the official launch of It’s a Small RomanTick World, the studio’s romance adventure game on iOS and Android. Typical of the otome genre, you’ll get to know a variety of male leads, each with his own unique personality. Here, you’ll travel across different eras such as Korea during the Joseon dynasty, Ancient Egypt, and even Medieval Europe, encountering a mysterious Outlander who will steal your heart along the way.

With the official release of It’s a Small RomanTick World, you can look forward to exciting new PVs for the characters to help you get to know them better. There will also be new narratives and fresh events to look forward to every month, along with new Outlanders to fall in love with in the future. Plus, you can relax by decorating your room or participating in mini-games during your downtime. … [MORE]