Jack Black doesn’t know anything about a Mario movie sequel, but he does have one idea for it

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s own Bowser knows as much as we do about a sequel, but he does have an idea for what it should be like.

A sequel to this year’s Super Mario Bros. Movie is essentially a guarantee, as it’s the second best performing movie of the year, only behind Barbie, and the most successful video game adaptation of all time. There’s no way that we don’t get some kind of follow-up, especially considering Nintendo is going all-in on movie adaptations (as much as I’d like to forget about that Zelda film). However, we haven’t received any kind of word from either Nintendo or Illumination on a sequel, and it seems that the voice of Bowser, Jack Black, hasn’t either. Black recently spoke on the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, where he shared that “it has been radio silence” when it comes to news on a sequel.

“The only chatter has been coming from me, and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to chatter. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to business.” While he’s not heard anything, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been thinking about what a sequel could look like. Black noted that he thinks the follow-up should take a leaf out of Joker 2’s book, which is apparently going to be a full-on musical. “Bowser’s Revenge,” suggested Black of a potential title. “I think it should be a full musical, like what Todd Phillips is supposedly doing with Joker 2.”

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