KartRider Rush+ is going underwater in Season 23: Abyss with new karts and racers

After watching thrilling dragons in the sky last season, it’s time to explore the depths of the oceans as KartRider Rush+’s latest season is taking place in an underwater civilization. Nexon has just released the season 23 update for the racing game, which has been mysteriously titled Abyss. Players can expect to find new ocean-themed content in the form of drivers, karts, and racetracks as well.

Special underwater racing courses have been designed for KartRider Rush+’s Abyss Season, called Into the Sea and Coastal Cruise. Both of them are dynamic and will be updated over time and players can race on these using new karts like the Hydra and Ocean Burst. Several new drivers are hungry to test their skills on these tracks, including Poseidon Bazzi and Mermaid Ms Mani. … [MORE]