King Arthur: Knights Tale season two Rising Eclipse adds new Seelie and UnSeelie courts quests

Rising Eclipse, the second season of the tactical RPG King Arthur: Knights Tale, is now in full swing. The game is currently available at a 60% discount on Steam in celebration of the launch. The new season focuses on fae lore with a new seasonal mission chain centring around the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Avalon. Additionally, season two adds the Sídhe Shrine, a new seasonal building to Camelot.

King Arthur: Knights Tale lets you create your own Knights of the Round Table. Send your small band of heroes of quests and use your wits to prevail in tactical turn-based battles. As Sir Mordred, you’ll explore the island of Avalon, engage in quests and make decisions that affect the plot and your morality. Interestingly, much like in Dragon Age Origins, each in-game hero has their own personality and values and may turn against you depending on your choices. Beyond battles and exploration, you’ll also spend time building and expanding Camelot. … [MORE]