Lethal Company’s latest patch wins my award for best arachnophobia mode of the year

Lethal Company patch 45 is here, adding in things like key binding and other tweaks, but most important of all is its arachnophobia mode.

Giant spiders in video games is a tale as old as time. They’re a classic type of enemy, and sometimes, you just need to put one in your game. Lethal Company, the Steam viral hit that’s been outselling Call of Duty, has one too in the form of its Bunker Spider. Of course, there are plenty of people out there with arachnophobia that simply can’t play games with spiders in them, a completely understandable issue. With accessibility becoming more and more prevalent in games, it’s also become broader, with some games now adding in arachnophobia modes to help those manage their fear. And Lethal Company’s newly added arachnophobia mode might take the cake for the best one I’ve seen – at the very least it’s the best one in 2023 (no I don’t know if any other games released this year had one, go away).

Quite simply, it just replaces the 3D model of a spider with just the word spider. No floating, very roughly spider-shaped sphere, or anything like that. It’s just the word spider. Honestly, in a game that already offers plenty of funny moments, you would think it couldn’t get any better, but dang did this mode get a chuckle out of me.

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