Life By You, Paradox’s attempt at a Sims competitor, catches another delay

Those of you hoping to leave The Sims 4 behind for Paradox Interactive’s upcoming Life By You will have to wait longer, as the life-sim has been delayed again.

Life by You was supposed to launch in pretty much exactly a month’s time, on March 5, but a new blog post from Paradox has confirmed the game’s early access launch has been delayed by a further three months. Now, the upcoming attempt at a Sims competitor will be released June 4. This marks the second delay for the game, as it was originally expected to launch in September last year, but was delayed past that release date.

The blog post explains the reasoning behind the delay, writing that the decision is “rooted in our commitment to creating a fun game and an enjoyable player experience, right from the start of our Early Access. We are just as excited as the rest of the community for the game’s release. As such, we want to ensure that it’s as smooth and fun for you as possible, and lays a strong foundation for building out Life by You during Early Access.”

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