Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has reignited the never-ending fan debate about Kazuma Kiryu’s toughest foe

Warning: Spoilers for Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth lie ahead.

If you’re playing Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you might be aware that, at a certain point in the game, Kazuma Kiryu begins to wander around in a very nostalgic mood. Well, one of his nostalgic thoughts has casually reignited fan debate regarding which of the baddies he’s battered over the years was the toughest.

Yup, if there’s one debate that’s long had the ability to make people who like the Yakuza/LAD series argue until they’re blue in the face, it’s the one regarding which tattooed bloke Big Kaz had to punch hardest to make them stop hitting him back. Kiryu’s been pretty mum on the subject over the years, which is probably why something he’s said in Infinite Wealth has sparked a lot of interest.

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