Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s been out under a week, and it’s already home to mahjong-obsessed millionaires

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, unsurprisingly, is a game that features money, and it turns out one of the ways you can earn a lot of it very early on is by dedicating a huge number of hours to becoming a master of mahjong, with one player claiming to have become a millionaire by the game’s second chapter by doing exactly that.

If you’re playing RGG’s latest release, odds are you’ve been sucked into at least one minigame-based time sink so far, with the likes of Dondoko Island and the pursuit of Sujimon-battling glory being the most obvious candidates to have dragged you astray. Then again, maybe you’ve gotten really into trivia, talk radio, or, in this case, a certain tile-based strategy game.

Yup, a reddit user with the handle tigerwarrior02 has been busy playing just a little bit of mahjong during their 40 hours or so with Infinite Wealth so far. Rather than heading to Hawaii, they’ve elected to stick around “in Yokohama with the boys” just after starting chapter two and claim to have managed to turn “the ¥10,000 you have at the beginning of the game into (so far) nearly ¥12,000,000”.

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