Madame Web star Dakota Johnson blasts “bleak” and “disheartening” movie industry

Madame Web star Dakota Johnson is continuing to do the funniest press circuit for a superhero flick in recent memory as she blasts the risk-averse movie industry.

The latest golden nugget comes from her recent interview with L’Officiel, where she discussed her career, hopes for the future, and the (dire) state of things in Hollywood right now. This arrives shortly after she dumped her talent agency following the release of Madame Web’s first trailer and described the movie as “like if AI generated your boyfriend’s perfect movie” during SNL. Ouch.

Johnson seems not to care about the movie and knows it’ll be a stinker, as her jabs at the Spider-Man-less Spider-adjacent movie have only become more frequent following her initial comments about how confused she was while shooting it.

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