Marvel sets next chapter for Ultimates Universe and fresh start point for newcomers with Ultimates #1

It’s a new dawn for Marvel Comics as the company has announced a major new series of its all-new Ultimates Universe in Ultimates #1 and beyond.

Marvel has just unveiled that the new comic book series will be written by Deniz Camp, known for Children of the Vault, and drawn by Juan Frigeri, known for his widely acclaimed work on Invincible Iron Man.

The Ultimates will spin out of the Ultimates Universe as written by Jonathan Hickman and penciled by Stefano Caselli. The general idea behind this reboot of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s famous Ultimate line of comics, which most fans remember from the early 2000s, is to help onboard new comic book readers and offer veterans a different twist on iconic characters and well-trodden team dynamics.

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