MLB 9 Innings 23 is celebrating the holiday season with in-game gift box giveaways to thank its fans

Com2uS is celebrating all the bells and whistles of the holiday season for MLB 9 Innings 23, letting players join in on all the merrymaking within the officially licensed MLB mobile game. In particular, taking part in the Holiday Gift Box event will reward you with plenty of in-game goodies, which will run until December 31st.

In the latest update for MLB 9 Innings 23, you can look forward to earning points as you clear missions, which can then be used to redeem special rainbow-coloured presents. As soon as you open all the gift boxes, you can unlock an even cooler holiday gift box, which will have lots of progression materials such as the Premium Trainer Recruit Ticket, Team Selective Diamond Pack, Skill Select Change Ticket, and so on. … [MORE]